One of the much more common freelance producing inquiries I get asked revolves about no matter whether or not to turn into portion of a creative staffing agency.

Innovative Circle and The Inventive Group are two of the a lot more common corporations out there who focus in aiding freelance copywriters find initiatives.

I have aligned myself with a few of these staffing organizations prior to, so I can notify you the benefits and drawbacks of likely that route as opposed to discovering your assignments and clients.

And in my viewpoint, the positive aspects of innovative staffing companies are few and far in between. In fact, the only significant gain I see is that if you will not want to track down your own freelance producing initiatives, imaginative staffing organizations may possibly support. Nevertheless, people assignments you do receive (which usually are not as numerous as you may consider) will require you to consider a significantly lower hourly charge than you could otherwise demand.

These businesses generally shell out you a max of $35 per hour, whilst charging the client a greater amount and pocketing the variation.

To , I would fairly hustle and discover my personal freelance writing tasks, the place I can make double that amount, instead than depend on a inventive staffing agency to give me the occasional task.

Now, if you might be a author with minor expertise and never know in which to start, a creative staffing agency may help you get your ft moist. Nevertheless, after you get the lay of the land, I would advocate you symbolize by yourself, and realize considerably more substantial checks.